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Tips on What to Look for When Visiting a Sapphire Shop

Depending on what kind of traditional Blue Sapphire you are looking for, such as Pink, Purples, Yellows, Violet or a natural color-changing Sapphires, you should be able to find them in a reputable Sapphire shop.

The most prized Sapphires are the ones which have a strong Hue, in addition to the same level in Saturation with no secondary colors. For instance, a Royal Blue Sapphire has more value than one that has a lighter color blue. Remember, when looking for a Sapphire choose a color that appeals to you.

Sapphires are available in nearly every cut imaginable, ranging from the traditional Oval right through to the Round and Cushion cut, or more fancy cuts like Pear, Trillion, and Heart stones. There are some cuts such as the emerald cut that is probably classed as one of the rarest, this is due to the fact the loss of weight when cutting it from a rough stone. Remember, the more unusual the cut, the higher the price range will be.

With every gem stone, the karat weight does dictate how much value the Sapphire is and, just like a diamond, the more the karat weight the more money it will cost, this is truer with Sapphires that are a royal blue to vivid blue color. The more karat weight rule also applies to every the rainbow colors which Sapphires are available in. For instance, a 3 ct Sapphire that is in a cushion cut can be as much as $3,500 for every karat. A similar choice that is in the same color, however, weighs 4 karat means the value can often jump up as much as 30% for every karat. Once the stone goes above 5 karats, the prices rise by over 50%.

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